Eight years of Privacy Company and Privacy Nexus

A plan, a colleague, a client, The Hague WTC, more colleagues, GDPR enters into force, more clients, Christmas celebration at home in the living room, privacy management software designing and building, privacy by design framework, booklet, picnic in the park, privacy implementations, e-learning, templates for industry association, illness, woes and lots of support.

Multilingualism, marketing campaigns, data breach module, privacy award, franchise in Croatia, office in Berlin, our document on Wikipedia, supplier management module, indoor soccer, new brand and logo, subsidy applications rejected/granted, a new building, fire alarm, customer day, running, tenders won/lost, policy making, in the Forrester wave, camping party.

E-learning built, processing agreements, customer rights module, DPIA, babies, dashboard, blogs, authorization structures, conferences, visual business processes, dancing on the moon with the team, more fun customers, notifications and subscriptions, group structures, creating artwork on the beach, multifactor authentication, single sign on, export functionality.

Privacy frameworks, high NPS scores, pub quiz, corona, dinners, podcasts, roadmaps, bouldering, status overviews, management reports, data protection officer, city walk, data breach module, new partners, Privacy Label, SUPing, cocktail party, goodbye, welcome, to Berlin with the whole club, rebranding, ISO27001.

And so much more. Laughed, cried. Shouted, cheered. Proud!

Thanks to all our customers and to everyone who cares about us. And to all the (former) employees. Without you this would not have been possible.

P.S. yes, we too have vacancies.

Aaf, Albert, Anna Maj, Anne, Anne Martine, Annemarie, Anouk, Arnold, Bas, Beatrix, Carolin, Coen, Cora, Corry, Deniz, Diederik, Egbert, Emma, Erwin, Evan, Fieke, Floor, Frank, Frank, Imko, Iris, Iryna, Jacoline, Jennifer, Jill, José, Jurriaan, Kirsten, Laura, Laura, Laurens, Lennart, Maartje, Marija, Marije, Marlies, Mateus, Menno, Michel, Nicky, Niels, Nina, Patrick, Renske, Rob, Roseanne, Rudolf, Sally, Sanne, Simone, Sjoera, Stefan, Sterre, Winfried, Zischa