Get a grip on GDPR compliance

Our privacy management software was designed by privacy experts to give you and all Privacy Officers out there the power to demonstrate GDPR compliance with confidence. Privacy Nexus will guide you every step of the way.
Do you feel like your privacy administration is getting out of hand? Privacy Nexus is there to help you set it up, maintain it and make sure it's truly future-proof. It's all about streamlining the process of documenting privacy-sensitive activities, so that you can perform DPIAs in confidence, deal with data breaches in no time, and so much more.

Fill in the blanks

Privacy Nexus features an extensive library with templates to help you collect all the information you need to ensure and demonstrate compliance. Just fill in the blanks!

  • Preconfigured RoPA designed to capture all your processing activities
  • Guided DPIA’s for all high risk activities
  • Data breach template for reporting to DPA

Make it easy for your colleagues to help

Share your responsibilities — and get your team actively involved in your GPDR compliance. Privacy Nexus helps colleagues without privacy or legal training by using close-ended questions and simple language. Everyone can contribute!

  • Close-ended questions make it easy to answer
  • No legalese - everything in plain language
  • Keep track of outstanding tasks on your personal homepage

Show that you're in control

Nothing feels better than knowing that you're in control. Our dashboard gives you a clear view of the status of your privacy administration and makes it extra easy to demonstrate compliance to the authority or management.

  • Real-time dashboard with privacy KPIs
  • Company wide overview of privacy risks
  • One click management reporting
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What they say

"At Freedom, we don't just want to comply with the GDPR, we want to go one step further. We use the Privacy Nexus system and are satisfied with it. There is little time in a start-up, while it is just so important to deal with the data of customers, partners and suppliers right away. It makes a huge difference that we didn't have to set up a system ourselves."
— Bibi
Privacy Officer at Freedom Internet
"In a very short time — using the Privacy Scan in Privacy Nexus — we found out what it would take achieve privacy compliance. I can recommend Privacy Nexus to any organization."
— Cliantha Ter Meer
Fundraiser at Spier voor Spieren
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