About Privacy Nexus

Privacy Nexus is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows you to manage privacy in your organisation. Privacy Nexus makes it easier and less time consuming to create your data inventory and perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and it helps you take care of privacy with third parties and suppliers.


GDPR Compliance

Designed with the GDPR in mind to be the foundation for data protection in your organisation.

GDPR Compliance

Our product

Manage privacy easily and efficiently with your real-time privacy dashboard.

about our product

The team

Built and supported by a team of privacy experts and skilled software developers.

about us

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Why Privacy Nexus

Privacy Nexus eases the work of the Data Protection Officers and Privacy Officers in implementing and managing GDPR compliance. It supports the cross-functional privacy team in their daily work and creates added value for your management, security officers and data owners. Privacy Nexus simplifies communication with internal stakeholders, customers, authorities, partners and suppliers.

Privacy Nexus translates your efforts into a privacy-aware organisation.
  • Easy GDPR administration of systems and data processings
  • Predefined relevant personal data items sorted into useful categories
  • Clear survey for performing your own DPIAs
  • Define owners of systems and data processings
  • Management of supplier and third-party compliance, including data processing agreements
  • Affordable customisation for the data inventory and DPIAs
  • Seamless combination with privacy consultancy
  • User-friendly dashboard for privacy management
  • Unlimited usage, users and processing
  • Based and hosted in the EU
  • Forms and insights are available in English, German and Dutch