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Privacy Nexus is an accessible SaaS platform that supports your organisation in a practical manner, to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Data protection made easy.

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Time to get rid of those endless spreadsheets! With Privacy Nexus you can create a clear record of data processing activities, easily perform DPIAs, record your data breaches and much more. This way we help your organisation comply with the GDPR in a practical and easy way.

Privacy Management Dashboard
Records of data processing activities
Privacy, Information Security and Data Management scans
Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
Incidents and Data Breach management
Data Subject Rights processing
Vendor Management

Privacy Management Dashboard

Use our dashboard to identify your risks at a glance, and as a clear guide to establish priorities.

Record of data processing activities

Create and maintain your record of data processing activities with ease and in accordance with article 30 of the GDPR.

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Privacy Nexus Update - Adding documents to the Inventory
To stay up to date with the latest developments regarding Privacy Nexus you hereby receive an overview of our amazing new features!
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Privacy Nexus Update - DPIA recommendation
To stay up to date with the latest developments regarding Privacy Nexus you hereby receive an overview of our amazing new features!
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CCPA: the Next legal framework for data protection after GDPR
The CCPA is the new privacy bill that becomes effective on January 1st 2020 in the state of California. This blog gives you a high level insight in the CCPA. To make it more easy to digest, the GDPR is used as a reference.
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Bring information security to the next level with Privacy Nexus
We developed a high-level information scan which is made available in PrivacyNexus. Privacy Nexus is suitable for organisations that want to meet the requirements of ISO 27001, NEN 7510 or Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid(BIO). You can download a report directly with the results and recommendations after filling in the necessary information.
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Why Privacy Nexus?

Data protection has never been easier. Save time and effort and get a grip on privacy management with Privacy Nexus.

User friendly, supported by visual intelligence
Let software do the heavy lifting
Effortless workflow, easy delegation
Keep the overview, stay in control
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