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Privacy Nexus is an accessible SaaS platform that supports your organisation in a practical manner, to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Data protection made easy.

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Time to get rid of those endless spreadsheets! With Privacy Nexus you can create a clear record of data processing activities, easily perform DPIAs, record your data breaches and much more. This way we help your organisation comply with the GDPR in a practical and easy way.

Privacy Management Dashboard
Records of data processing activities
Privacy, Information Security and Data Management scans
Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
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Privacy Management Dashboard

Use our dashboard to identify your risks at a glance, and as a clear guide to establish priorities.

Record of data processing activities

Create and maintain your record of data processing activities with ease and in accordance with article 30 of the GDPR.

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Privacy Company Blog

Privacy management: the different lines of privacy governance
Since the arrival ofthe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organisations have put theregister of processings in order, written procedures and checklists, ensured transparent information for those involved and made an effort to raise awareness of the major issue of 'privacy' among employees. And now? This may come as a shock: the GDPR is not a checklist that an organisation can tick off. Privacy, and with it the GDPR, is a subject that lives and must live continuously within an organisation.
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Privacy Company relaunches in-person IAPP trainings
It’s Tuesday 3th of March 2020 on the second CIPP/E training day. I peek on my cellphone during the coffee break, since it has been vibrating vividly. Breaking news: the first COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Berlin. We finish the course throughout the day. It feels a little strange walking back home, not knowing what to make of it or what changes to expect. Except for those changes probably to be substantial.
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Google mitigates 8 high privacy risks for Workspace for Education
Google has agreed to major privacy improvements for its Google Workspace for Education services for schools and universities in the Netherlands. After intense negotiations with representatives of the schools and higher education institutions in the Netherlands, Google has agreed to mitigate the high data protection resulting from the use of Google Workspace for Education. These risks were identified in a DPIA conducted by Privacy Company for two universities.
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Do Dutch political parties follow people on the Internet?
Almost half of the political parties in the Netherlands used tracking cookies on their own websites, which they used to target potential voters elsewhere on the Internet (microtargeting). With such tracking cookies the parties usually process special personal data. This is only permitted with the explicit consent of those involved. But this is not the case, research by Privacy Company shows.
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Data protection has never been easier. Save time and effort and get a grip on privacy management with Privacy Nexus.

User friendly, supported by visual intelligence
Let software do the heavy lifting
Effortless workflow, easy delegation
Keep the overview, stay in control
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