Assess your privacy risks

Perform Data Protection Impact Assessments in accordance with art. 35 GDPR and connect them to the relevant items in your record of data processing activities.

Keep it simple

Performing a DPIA can be both difficult and time consuming. We have three cures for that: why we use as little legal terminology as possible, closed-ended questions and we always provide additional information where a deep-dive can be helpful.

Based on best practices

The experts of Privacy Company have performed DPIAs for a variety of organisations. There are a lot of standards out there, but none of them met our requirements.

That is why we decided to create our own model to suit the needs of your organisation, based on our experience.

Let us guide you

Automatically receive a risk assessment of your processing activities and advice on whether you should perform a DPIA.

Privacy Nexus guides you through the DPIA process: from describing your processing activity to mitigating your risks.

Manage that workflow

Assign your DPIAs to the people involved and set deadlines to make sure the work is done on time. Upload relevant documents to keep things organised.

Need additional information or help? Our comment system is there to help you communicate with your colleagues right where the action is.

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