What is privacy management software and what can it do for you?

When it comes to making sure your company is privacy compliant and ready for the GDPR, most organisations can use all the help they can get, which is not surprising as privacy compliance covers almost all parts of your organisation and raises questions about a large variety of subjects. And since nowadays, there’s a software solution or an app for pretty much any problem, organisations tend to wonder “Is there any way in which software can help me with privacy compliance?”.

The short answer to this question is: “Yes, there is something called privacy management software, and it can help you comply with the GDPR.” The long answer is more nuanced as, with most software, privacy management software is only as good as the input it gets. This means that just buying the license for privacy software is not going to make your organisation compliant all of a sudden. You will still need to put in some effort and implement structural changes within your organisation; software alone cannot do this for you. However, privacy software can be used as a tool to reach compliance, and it can serve to make the road to compliance a lot less bumpy.

What can privacy management software do for your organisation?

First of all, there is a big difference between software which manages your privacy compliance and software that covers your information security. In general, privacy management software is not going to encrypt your data or supply you with a firewall. However, privacy management software can help you manage all of the privacy-related activities within your organisation.

Why would you need help with this? Because for most organisations, this costs a lot of time and a lot of effort; time and effort they would rather spend on their core business. Privacy management software can help you focus on the difficult and important issues by streamlining or automating recurring activities. It can help you with the creation of a data inventory by supplying you with the questionnaires needed to fill such a register. It can manage your processing agreements, be a register for data breaches, help you perform and register privacy impact assessments or analyse the activities within your organisation that might pose the highest risk to your privacy compliance.

However, that doesn’t mean that privacy management software is a luxury only large multinational organisations can afford or benefit from. On the contrary, every organisation which processes personal data on a certain scale can benefit from the guidance and structure that privacy software can offer. Fortunately, there are multiple flavours of privacy management software available on the market, aimed at large, medium or smaller-sized companies. Try and find the software solution that fits the needs of your organisation best.

May 4, 2018