Privacy Nexus Update - Interface redesign

Interface redesign

Quite a big change this time: the interface of Privacy Nexus has been updated! This means that from now on you can find the menu bar at the top of your screen, instead of on the left side.

It's good to know that this doesn’t mean that things are disappearing. However, there have been a few extra things added and the look of Privacy Nexus will be slightly different. With this update we want to make sure that certain components are easier to find, that our software becomes even more user-friendly and that we'll be able to keep adding modules in the future as well. All current modules can now be found under the section 'Privacy Management' in the menu.

Information Security Scan                                                              

Privacy and information security: two subjects that do not mean the same thing but do have a lot to do with each other. After all, good security of personal data is an absolute 'must' under GDPR. In other words, without information security there is no privacy.

That is why we are going to expand Privacy Nexus with functionalities that can support you with information security. We have now taken the first step, namely the addition of an Information Security Scan. Like the Privacy Scan, this is a baseline measurement that you can perform yourself. A report is then drawn up, including recommendations. You can find the scan under the section 'Information Security' in the menu.

Data Management Scan                                                              

More and more organisations are now well on their way when it comes to assigning and implementing responsibilities and measures in the area of privacy and information security. A logical next step is to look at optimisation. How do you ensure that (personal) data is processed efficiently and that the data you use is of high quality?

We have developed the Data Management Scan to help answer these questions. Here we have summarised the most important topics regarding data management in a short assessment. Use the Data Management Scan to see how your organisation is doing! You can find this scan under the section 'Data Management' in the menu.

August 1, 2019