Privacy Nexus Update - DPO review

From Admin to DPO or Privacy Officer                                                              

A new type of user role has been added to Privacy Nexus, namely that of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). WIth this new role comes the possibility to review a System or Processing as DPO. Now that a separate DPO role is available, the name of the user role Admin didn't seem appropriate anymore. That is why we've changed this name to Privacy Officer. This does not change the user rights, only the name has been changed!

We have converted all Admins to Privacy Officer. Each Privacy Officer can then choose to upgrade to the role of DPO. You can do this through your User Settings. The DPO role can be assigned to more than one user. We advice you to make clear agreements about this within your organisation, so it's clear who'll be responsible for the DPO reviews.

DPO review                                                              

To review a submission you click on the name of the System/Processing and click on the button Review latest submission. As a DPO you can rate a submission in two ways: Approved or Rejected, including an optional explanation.

For each System/Processing it is possible to see whether the last submission has been reviewed by the DPO and if so, how the submission was rated. Additionally, a notification is sent to all the members of the entity after the DPO review.

In order to get an overview of all submissions that still need your review as a DPO, you can filter the complete list of Systems/Processings on DPO review status by clicking the button Filters.

May 24, 2019