Privacy Nexus Update - DPIA recommendation

Update Data Subject Requests module

Our Data Subject Requests module has been updated! A few extra questions have been added regarding the identity verification of the data subject. Also, you can now make an export of all the registered requests in Privacy Nexus. To do so, just go to  Organisation and click on Export. This will take you to the export overview page, where you can also export your Inventory and Incidents & Data breaches.

Watching after creating an entity

From now on, when you create a new entity (System, Processing or DPIA) you will automatically 'watch' this entity. This means that you will receive email notifications for any updates that take place regarding these entities. Don't want to receive these notifications? Just go to the bottom of the page of the concering entity and click the button Unwatch.

Pre-DPIA questions

We have added a few more questions to the Processing questionnaire, under a new section called Pre-DPIA. When you answer all the questions under this section and under the Risk section, Privacy Nexus will not only calculate the risk of the Processing but will also tell whether or not a DPIA is recommended. You can find this recommendation under DPIA on the summary page of the Processing.

Note: When Privacy Nexus tells you a DPIA is recommended this is indeed just a recommendation. Whether or not you really do perform the DPIA, is of course up to your organisation.

Update world map

The world map on the Dashboard regarding the system locations has also received a few updates:

  1. All countries where the GDPR doesn't apply but where a GDPR-equivalent is in force now show up on the world map as a separate category. This means the world map now consists of three categories: GDPR, GDPR-equivalent and Outside GDPR.
  3. When you hover with your mouse over one of the aforementioned categories, all System locatoins that correspond with one of those categories will ligth up on the map.
  5. By clicking on one of the three categories in the legend of the world map you are now able to filter on this category. This means that with one click you can get an overview of for example all data that is stored in countries with a GDPR-equivalent.

Selecting multiple departments

By popular demand it is now possible to link multiple departments to one System or Processing! You can now link up to 8 different departments to a System or Processing at the same time.

Deadlines for DPIAs

As with Systems and Processing, it is now also possible to set a deadline for DPIAs. This way, when you are a member of a DPIA you will receive email notifications when your deadline is about to expire and when it has actually expired.

November 15, 2019