Privacy Nexus Update: Departments

Personal homepage

As of now you can use your personal homepage in Privacy Nexus! When you log in, this homepage is the first page you'll see. The homepage shows an overview of all Systems and Processings to which you are linked as a member, including additional information such as status and deadline. You will also see an activity log containing the changes that have recently been made to your Systems and Processings. If you follow certain Systems or Processings, without being a member of it, you will also find these on your homepage.

All in all, a good starting point to see what your tasks are within Privacy Nexus!


To add more structure to your Inventory we have added a new functionality: Departments. You can find this option in the lower left corner of the menu under Organisation. As an admin you can describe the structure of your organisation here. Think of different departments or business processes. Then you can categorise the Systems and Processings from your Inventory and thus filter on them.

When you click on a System or Processing you will see the department it belongs to at the top of the page. If no department is selected yet, this will show as  'set up a department'. By clicking on that you can select an existing department. Note: creating departments can only be done by the admin of an organisation.

Export incidents & data leaks

Now also available on popular demand: an excel export of all your security incidents and data breaches. To do this go to Organisation in the lower left-hand corner of the menu, then to Export and click on the Download .xlsx export button under 'Incidents and Data Breaches export'.

March 29, 2019