Privacy Nexus Update - Adding documents to the Inventory

Adding documents - Inventory

Good news: you can now add documents to Systems and Processings in your Inventory!

To add a document to a System or Processing, go to the summary page of the relevant entity. On this page, click on the Add a document button. You can then choose to add an existing document from the Document Repository or upload and add a completely new document. If you choose the latter, you will also be asked to specify the minimum required access level that is needed  to view this document:

Adding documents - Data breaches

Even more good news: you can also add documents to incidents and data breaches!

You can only add a document to an incident or data breach after you have created it. On the overview page of the incident/data breach, an extra tab called Documents has been added. Adding a document to an incident or data breach then works the same as with the Inventory.

Update to Third-party management

It is now possible to set an end date for an agreement (end date of the contract) in the Third-party module. To support this, there have been added two new categories for the deadlines of agreements:

  1.    Future deadline - this applies to all agreements for which the next deadline is in the future;
  3.    Ended - for all agreements that have expired.

'Support' has been moved

The Support section has been moved to the main menu. Access to the knowledge base, and our e-mail address for support, can now be found under Help in the top right-hand corner of the menu. Here you will also find the link to our privacy statement.

Small updates

There have been a number of smaller updates in the past weeks:

  • The inventory export now includes a column for DPO review;
  • The inventory export now includes any remarks on answers;
  • The inventory export now includes the ocntact details of the DPO (if applicable);
  • Small redesign of the data model to make it more clear which data items of a System you have selected when inventorising a Processing;
  • If you have indicated in your organisation profile that data management is not an ambition for your organisation, the Data Management Scan will not be visible on the Dashboard;
  • When linking a DPIA to a Processing all Processings that already have a DPIA are marked as such.
December 18, 2019