Privacy Nexus November Update: New features and extended Dashboard functions

Privacy Nexus is an easy-to-use data protection management software that helps companies make data protection efficient and simple. Our Software-as-a-Service (Saas) is continuously developed and improved by our in-house developers. In November, we unlocked the following features:

Connections in the directory of processing activities

The dashboard was further expanded with a new visualization. This new view provides a complete overview of all connections between the systems and the processing activities in your directory:

What exactly do you see here?

- In this view, if you are standing on the orange block in front of a system, you will see all processing activities that use this system. Conversely, stand on the green block next to a processing operation to see which systems it uses.

- When you connect a system to a processing, you see the number of data elements that this processing uses from that system.

Users with restricted rights

The user role "contact" has been renamed to "user with restricted rights". This means that the term "contact" has been replaced in the information of each system/processing activity. From now on, you cannot add anyone as a "contact person" to a system or processing, but you can make someone a member of a system or processing:

Adding members is still done the same way: You click on "Add member" and select someone from the existing list of users, or you add a new user. If you add a new user from this point on, he will become a "user with limited rights" (because he was a "contact person" first).

In the organization settings it is now also very easy to change a user's memberships. You simply click on the respective user and then on "Edit user memberships". You can then use the search bar to select the systems created in the list and the processing created in the list. You can also easily delete existing memberships here:

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