Privacy Nexus Update: Notifications

To stay informed about the latest features of Privacy Nexus, you will receive the latest update!

Email notifications

From now on email notifications will be sent from Privacy Nexus when relevant things happen in your Inventory. For example changing statuses of Processings or Systems, the expiration of deadlines or new submissions. These emails are only sent when you are added to a System or Processing as a member, or when you have chosen to follow a System or Processing (read more about following Systems and Processing below).

As of now you may suddenly receive more regular e-mail notifications from Privacy Nexus. In principle we have activated these for all members. If you are not pleased with this, you can of course also deactivate these notifications (although your boss may be less happy with this). Follow the link mentioned in the email notifications.

Tracking a System or Processing

If you have not been added to a System/Processing as a member, because you are not responsible for inventorising this inPrivacy Nexus, you may still want to be kept informed of any changes. Therefore, we have now added the 'Follow' function to Privacy Nexus. By following a Processing or System you will not be linked to it as a member, but you will get notifications when something has changed.

To follow a System/Processing click on the 'follow'-button next to the audit trail of the System/Processing in question.

Expansion audit trail

To make the above possible, we have extended the logging of events within Systems and Processings. You can now see not only when the last submission was made, but also when the status has changed, when new people are linked as members or followers, when a deadline has been set or expired or when a comment has been added. You can find this logging in the audit trail at the bottom of the summary page of individual Systems and Processings. To make room for this information some small changes have been made to the layout. However, all known elements can still be found!

August 3, 2018