New features in 2020

Despite the crazy year that 2020 turned out to be, we've again put a lot of effort into making Privacy Nexus even better and user-friendly. We can imagine that you had more than enough going on and are no longer fully up-to-date. That’s why we’d like to provide you with a summary of all the added functionalities that we have worked so hard on all year.

Group dashboard

For organisations that have multiple Privacy Nexus environments (subsidiaries in bigger enterprises for example) it is now possible to aggregate and merge data from this dashboard in a Group Dashboard. With this feature it becomes easy to get a summary of ALL the data in Privacy Nexus in multiple environments.

Leaving comments

It is now possible to place comments in the inventory and the DPIA-module. It is also possible to tag other users, making communication with your colleagues within the app even easier.

Partial export inventory

You can now export a specific section from the inventory to Excel. After filtering your complete list of systems/processing activities you can export the subset on basis of this filter.

Risk calculations for third parties

When one of your third parties fills in a compliance review, the risk will be calculated depending on the answers of this third party. This risk can be viewed on the overview page of the third-party-module and can be viewed per contract.

Percentage answered questions

There is now a percentage available for the amount of questions answered in every processing activity, system and DPIAs. This gives you a better idea of the progress you have made filling in the inventory, as well as the executed DPIAs. This percentage can be found on the specific overview page, as well as on the dashboard.

Access Knowledge Base

To make the Knowledge Base even more accessible to you, we have added a button with a question mark on the bottom right of every page. When you click the question mark, it will suggest articles that are applicable to the content of the page in question.

Update departments

The departments that can be defined within Privacy Nexus, are now organised in clearly identifiable folders, and can be easily edited or replaced.

Update document storage

The document storage got an upgrade, enabling you to organise your folders. Now you can structure the different documents in your document database.

DPO-approval for DPIAs

Like in the inventory it is now possible, as supervisor, to approve DPIAs. You have the choice to “approve” or “reject”, and you can leave comments to support this choice.

Export dashboard

It is now possible to export (a part of) the dashboard, including short explanations. You can find this button at the top right of the dashboard.

Additional notifications manager and supervisor

When you’re a manager or supervisor you can turn on additional notifications for several modules in Privacy Nexus. When one of the other users adds something new, you will now receive an email notifying you of said activity.

DPIA status

You can now connect statuses to your DPIAs, a feature you know from the Inventory. The progress of DPIA’s can now also be found on the Dashboard.

Exporting single data breach

It is possible to download PDFs of single data breaches, whereas you were only able to download the full data breach register before.

Do you have any questions surrounding the functionalities mentioned above? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

December 17, 2020