Introduction to privacy management software

With the General Data Protection Regulation coming up, the new compliance landscape is taking shape. From the 25th of May onwards, organisations are required to keep a complete list of all the personal data stored within their organisation. Gathering this data is itself a monumental task, because how do you keep it up to date and how do you identify the riskiest situations? One solution to operationalize the GDPR comes in the form of using privacy software.

Taking the necessary preparations and proceeding to work with privacy software starts with knowledge and understanding of what privacy software exactly entails. To assist you in this understanding, we will explain the most important aspects of privacy software in the upcoming weeks and provide you with some practical insights. This will take shape through a series of three blog posts in which the following topics are dealt with:

  • What is privacy management software and what can it do for you?
  • What kind of privacy management software suits your organization?
  • Two elements of a practical and useful inventory with privacy management software.
  • Why you need to supervise your suppliers, and how privacy management software can help you with this.

We will translate complex software aspects into practical insights that are easy to understand, even for those with little technical knowledge. If you need practical tips and clarity about what privacy software can mean for your organisation, keep an eye on our blog in the upcoming weeks.

March 26, 2018