Bring information security to the next level with Privacy Nexus

The summer holiday is already over for most people. Everyone wants to get back to work as the battery for most colleagues is fully charged. Your organisation may also have the ambition to improve in the field of information security. All organisations that process personal data, including yours, have to deal with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the obligation to secure the aforementioned data. Information security is a challenging and extensive topic as it is about guaranteeing the availability, integrity and confidentiality of personal data. The requirements that are set for information security are sometimes formulated in an abstract way and the measures can be intrinsically complex. Most organisations are therefore struggling with questions regarding information security. What requirements must your organisation fulfil? What security measures does our organisation still have to take? And how can we do this in an efficient and practical way?

At Privacy Company we are happy to help you further by providing you with insight and improvements on information security. We developed a high-level information scan which is made available in Privacy Nexus. Privacy Nexus is suitable for organisations that want to meet the requirements of ISO 27001, NEN 7510 or Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid(BIO). You can download a report directly with the results and recommendations after filling in the necessary information. What is your organisation still waiting for? Bring information security to the next level with the free information security scan in Privacy Nexus.

How does it work?

1. Go to the following link to log into Privacy Nexus. Ask for a free demo account if you don’t have an account yet.

2. Start the questionnaire. The questions are about the technical and organisational measures taken by your organisation. Our advice is to ask someone who is responsible for information security to fill in the questions. This could be the CISO or the IT manager.

3. You can download the report after filling in the questionnaire. The scores of your organisation and practical advice for each question are included in this report.

Benefits of the information security scan

- You know which security measures your organisation has setup well and where the priority goes in the future.

- You receive practical tips and recommendations on how to improve information security.

- You can prove how the information is secured within your organisation.

Do you have questions in response to the questionnaire of the Information SecurityScan? Or are you curious how we can help your organisation with the implementation of Information Security? Contact us for a talk and/or look at the services we offer.

September 6, 2019