Demonstrate your compliance

Maintain a record of your data processing activities according to the obligations of article 30 of the GDPR.

Divide into systems and processing activities

Use our unique approach of splitting your record of data processing activities into storage and usage of personal data.

Create a clear overview of your systems

Register all the places where personal data is stored and how it is protected.

Create a record of your processing activities

Register all the ways in which the personal data your store is being usedfrom data that is stored in your systems.

Benefit from user-friendly questionnaires

Our close-ended questions and minimal legal terminology improve dataquality. .

Create a record that is legally correct

Alliance with our privacy experts ensures youwill collect the required information and are always up to date with the latestdevelopments within privacy legislations.

Get a head start with our ready-to-use templates

Use our pre-set formats of questions and answers as guidanceand to save yourself time.

Automate your risk assessment

Based on your input Privacy Nexus will calculate the risk of eachprocessing and give recommendations with regards to a DPIA.

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