Take a risk-based approach

Use the Information Security Scan self-assessment to establish which threats are already covered within your organisation and which still need your attention.

Determine your measures

Receive recommendations on which measures you can take to keep your information safe.

Get high-level insight

Understand how well your organisation is secured against threats and attacks.

Latest standards

Base your information security management system on the best-known standards.

Demonstrate compliance

Take responsibility and see whether you meet the requirements of accountability.

Policies, procedures and processes

Manage your entire security organisation by reviewing all basic principles.

Take a look at our other modules:

How it works

Organisational profile

Provide general information about your organisation that determines which risks are applicable.

Assess risks

Check the status of your information security through closed-ended questions.


Receive a report that is specifically generated for your organisation's profile and your self-assessment. You can download the report to easily share the results.