Demonstrate your compliance (art. 35, GDPR)

Perform DPIA’s when needed and connect them to the relevant items in your record of data processing activities.

Based on best practice

Use our own DPIA model, developed by the experts of Privacy Company

Keep it simple

By using minimal legal terminology, performing a DPIA becomes easy andless time-consuming.

Provide the right answers

There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Our questions are close-ended where possible and based on the right requirements.

Manage your workflow

By assigning a DPIA to the person(s) responsible and setting deadlines,you save time as a Privacy Officer and collect information from the relevantpeople.

Accomplish your DPIA easily

Privacy Nexus completely guides you through the entire DPIA process. Easily, and step by step. From description of your process to mitigation of your risks.

Get notified through pre-DPIA’s

Automatically receive a risk assessment of your processing to determine whether you need to perform a DPIA

Link your DPIA to the processing activity

Demonstrate that you have performed a DPIA for ahigh-risk processing. And keep all your relevant documentation in one place.

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