About Privacy Nexus

The GDPR requires most organisations to maintain records of their processing activities. Please refer to page 21 of our pocket guide to find out why. Privacy Nexus makes it easy for you to keep a record of your processing activities. If your privacy administration takes up more than one page, you will find Privacy Nexus useful.
Proper use of Privacy Nexus makes you compliant with many articles of the GDPR – please refer to the GDPR page for an overview. However, additional measures are necessary for full compliance with the GDPR. Please refer to our GDPR factsheet for an overview.
First, Privacy Nexus is user-friendly software with clear surveys, ready-to-use templates and instant insights. In addition to the data inventory and DPIAs, it also provides a supplier-management module. Find out for yourself by . Second, Privacy Nexus can be tailored to your needs at an affordable price. You adapt the software to your way of working, not the other way around. Third, a team of experts is available to provide privacy- and legal-advisory services to supplement Privacy Nexus when needed. The combination of these three points offers you a practical route to compliance that differentiates us from our competitors.
The software is currently available in English, German and Dutch. If you require another language, please let us know. The multilingual capability of Privacy Nexus is not restricted to the language we use for the interfaces and questions. Answers are translated as well, so answers and insights are available in all languages, regardless of the language your colleagues use to deliver those insights.
Most organisations appoint a privacy officer for maintaining Privacy Nexus. A privacy officer is the person responsible for implementing the privacy policy in an organisation. The role of privacy officer can be fulfilled by one or several persons within your organisation. This function should not be confused with the sometimes legally required Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO fulfils a supervisory role, not an executive role.
The data inventory will take some time and effort, largely depending on the size and dynamics of your organisation and the number of processing tasks involving personal data. We developed Privacy Nexus precisely to make the maintenance of this register easier – it makes updating your inventory much less time consuming.
The software guides you through questions and helps you define your answers. If you require organisation-specific recommendations in the software, you can customise the forms. If you require privacy advice to accompany Privacy Nexus, you can choose this option in your support package or contact us.
Our in-house team develops the software in The Hague, the Netherlands. The data centre is located in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and is operated by an ISO-27001-certified company.


The surveys include many closed-ended questions and relevant answer categories to guide you to accurate answers. The forms are the result of the combined efforts of our developers and our privacy team, who work with clients every day to help them in GDPR compliance. Learn more about our team.
Privacy Nexus makes it easier to compile a data inventory, perform a DPIA and manage third parties. Privacy Nexus avoids double entries and repetitive tasks by reusing data where possible. We offer templates that allow you to build on the results of our ongoing analysis. We are able to add specific systems and processes that you use in your organization.
Yes, it’s possible to report of the information in Privacy Nexus. The Dashboard also shows you the current status of your organisation’s privacy management.
Our privacy advisors work with Privacy Nexus at our clients. They continuously apply their user experiences and privacy updates in Privacy Nexus.
Yes, data is searchable. With Privacy Nexus, you gain your privacy insights based on structured data, with the help of our data model and forms with closed-end questions. Structured data allows you to (cross)search and filter with ease, and structured data allows us to offer insights in multiple languages.
Privacy Nexus keeps an audit trail of the answers you submit. As such, Privacy Nexus documents your privacy-compliance status over time.
We’re constantly improving Privacy Nexus based on the needs of our clients and privacy developments. If you’d like to find out what is currently on our roadmap, please contact us for more information.

Licensing and Sales

Yes, this is possible. Furthermore, we’d love to make an appointment with you to give you a demo of Privacy Nexus.
Privacy Nexus can be purchased with a licence for three years. A one-year licence is available as an option. The licence includes unlimited use of Privacy Nexus and you will always receive the latest version of the software. Contact us for a proposal.
Prices typically range from €440,- to €5325,- per month, depending on the size of your organisation, the level of support, the options selected and customisations. Prices for enterprises are available on request. Contact us to get an idea how much Privacy Nexus would cost for you.
When you stop using Privacy Nexus, a complete export of all registered data will be provided to you in an Excel or Access file, or another agreed format.
The only items of personal data saved in Privacy Nexus are your employees’ contact details and the business contacts included in your data-processing agreements. Privacy Nexus stores no personal data concerning your other business contacts.
Yes. Even though we only process the contact information of your business contacts and employees, this is still considered to be a processing task. That is why we would wish to arrange a data-processing agreement with you.


Yes. We are able to adjust the software to your preferred way of working for the data inventory and DPIAs. Please contact us to learn more about customisation.
We offer three support levels: Standard, Advanced and Complete. Contact us for more information.
In the unlikely event of Privacy Nexus being withdrawn, we will provide you with an export of all the data you have in Privacy Nexus and think through your next steps with you.