Get your organisation up and running

Our experience shows that users benefit from a session that's dedicated to the use of the software and to help them correctly set up the software. That’s why we offer so called onboarding sessions.

The onboarding session is carried out by one of our trainers who is specialised in the use of Privacy Nexus. Our trainer can both provide information about the proper use of the application and give direction to a correct set-up of the application in accordance with the GDPR. The desired quality of the data processing activities to be included will be discussed, as well as the way in which the necessary information can be best collected.

These onboarding sessions cover half a day per session (4 hours), in a group of 7 to 12 of the intended users. During the session, participants will make a start by adding a processing to your register. This will be done under the guidance of the trainer so that, where possible, answers can be given immediately to potential questions that come up. After an onboarding session, users will be able to get an even more easy start with Privacy Nexus!