Privacy Awareness e-learning

Creating privacy awareness for your employees is an important part of GDPR compliance. After all, it’s the employee who process personal data on a daily basis. But it can be a real challenge to organize face-to-face training. Such education is costly, time-consuming and it might be difficult to motivate your employees.

With Privacy Awareness e-learning, your employees learn about data protection in 30 minutes, from their own devices, and in their own time. An effective tool that reaches all of your employees in the easiest way possible and is fun and interactive to take. Taught in such a way, your employees will long remember what data protection is, why it’s important and what they can do to be privacy-friendly in their daily operations.

Our Privacy Awareness e-learning consists of 4 modules filled with videos and infographics, a final test and a certificate for those who successfully complete the e-learning. If your organization has its own Learning Management System (LMS), our e-learning can be easily implemented. If you don’t have a LMS, we can host the e-learning for you on our very own learning platform.

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