All-in subscription. Unlimited users and usage.

Privacy Nexus is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Standard prices for Privacy Nexus range from €75 to €790 a month.

To get the most out of Privacy Nexus, we offer an all-in subscription:
  • Add unlimited users
  • Unlimited access to all available modules and features
  • Add unlimited data processing activities to your data inventory
  • Perform an unlimited number of DPIA’s 
  • Manage privacy compliance for all your third parties and suppliers
  • Always receive the latest version of the software
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The price of our software is based on the size of your organisation, i.e. the number of employees, and whether you’d like any of our additional options to ensure that the software is even more in line with your organisation. The additional options you can choose from are:

  • Customisation of the forms
    Collect information according to the ambitions, terminology and requirements of your organisation. Adapt the software to your way of working, and not the other way around. Click here to read more about the types of customisation we offer.
  • IP range implementation
    Manage your network interface and implement acces restriction by IP range.
  • Extra organisation
    Add an extra organisation for your international office or your subsidiary.
  • Monthly billing
    Instead of paying per year, choose to pay per month.
  • Subscription for one year
    Get a one-year subscription, instead of our regular three-year subscription.
  • Onboarding session
    Get a four hour session on the use of Privacy Nexus from one of our software experts. Click here to read more on our onboarding session.
  • A privacy consultancy ticket strip, with discount
    Get a ticket strip to get help from our consultants with your overall privacy questions.

Please contact us for more detailed information or a free offer