Why Privacy Nexus?

Data protection has never been this easy. Save yourself the time and effort and get a grip on privacy management with Privacy Nexus.

Imagine an effortless workflow, with maximum accountability

All the GDPR accountability principles in one easy-to-use environment, built to meet the needs of today’s data protection professionals. Reporting compliance to your business or organization, your data subjects and your Data Protection Authority is just one click away. Anywhere. Anytime.

Enter data with unmatched ease.

Inputting information can be a tedious process, even an error-prone process. But it shouldn’t have to be. With our suggested data-items, predefined options and hints to help communicate the purpose of questions, data entry in Privacy Nexus feels intuitive. Almost familiar. You can even get a head start with our ready-to-use templates.

Make the best possible decisions.

Get smarter insights with our risk analysis. By asking questions intelligently, we help you identify real risks and plan concrete actions to manage these risks. No more risks and uncertainties. Only the best risk-informed decisions to achieve your privacy objectives.

Get into the driver’s seat of the privacy management.

With our compelling charts and graphs, you get all the grip and control you need. Take a look at your data landscape and enjoy the progress your current projects are making. But don’t forget to keep an eye on the privacy risks that are developing. With no room for mistakes and distractions, you are getting exactly where you want to go.

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