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User-friendly, supported by visual intelligence

Privacy is not just a topic for lawyers. That’s why Privacy Nexus is designed for everyone in your organisation.

Using Privacy Nexus doesn't feel like work: a clean interface, as little legal jargon as possible and questionnaires that use closed-ended questions, along with explanations for complex topics.

You can even get a head start with our ready-to-use templates: they give you a lot of the answers up front, for free.

Let software do the heavy lifting

As a privacy officer you have a lot on your plate, you shouldn’t have to spend time on tasks that can be automated.

Use Privacy Nexus to get smarter insights into your risks with our automated risk analysis. Stay in control of your vendors by letting our vendor management system send out compliance reviews.

Fill out the self-assessments to receive recommendations for your privacy program and let Privacy Nexus help you determine when DPIAs are necessar

Effortless workflow, easy delegation

It’s not fun to work alone, this is why Privacy Nexus offers a large selection of collaboration tools, to make sure you have everything you need to get your colleagues on board.

Delegate tasks and ask for help when needed with comments, deadlines and email notifications. Get work done together with Privacy.

Keep the overview, stay in control

Getting a good overview of the important privacy information in your organization can be quite a challenge.

Use Privacy Nexus to get a clear picture of risks, progress and your data-landscape.

Reporting compliance to your business or organisation, your data subjects and your Data Protection Authority is just one click away.

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