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Record of data processing activities

Demonstrate your privacy compliance

Create and maintain your record of data processing activities with ease and in accordance with article 30 of the GDPR.

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Gain the latest insight in the status of your privacy administration

Use the dashboard to track your progress, identify risks and determine priorities. The dashboard is the perfect starting point for all privacy professionals.

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Assess the privacy impact of your processing activities

Perform Data Protection Impact Assessments to identify privacy risks and to take appropriate measures to minimise them.

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Incidents & data breaches

Maintain control over your data breaches

Handle your incidents and data breaches with a clear workflow that guides you through the process from beginning to end.

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Vendor management

Monitor the compliance of your vendors

Send out questionnaires to your vendors to periodically assess their compliance with your data processing agreements.

Data subject requests

Record all your data subject requests

Create a clear overview of all the data subject requests your organisation has received and monitor their progress.


Establish the state of affairs of your privacy comliance and more

Use the privacy, information security and data management scans to establish how your organisation is doing in these areas and receive recommendations for improvement.

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