Incidents & Data Breaches

Accountability made easy

Efficiently record all your security incidents and data breaches to demonstrate compliance with art. 33-34 GDPR.

Use a step by step approach

We all have to deal with a data breach at some point. Privacy Nexus makes it as painless as possible to keep a record of it all: you are guided through the whole process, step by step, from gathering information to implementing measures, to reporting to the authority, if need be.

Collect the right kind of information

Our privacy experts have extensive experience when it comes to handling data breaches. Thanks to their knowledge, we make sure you collect all the relevant information you need to report the breach to the Data Protection Authority.

Monitor your progress

Not always sure what to do to resolve a security incident or data breach? We’re here to help! We walk you through figuring out if the incident qualifies as a data breach or not, and generate a task list to ensure you do and record all the important things.

Manage your timeline

Reporting to the Data Protection Authority can be very stressful, but we’ve got your back! By allowing you to log all your activity regarding the incident, Privacy Nexus helps you to easily demonstrate your compliance with that 72-hour deadline for reporting a data breach.

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