Get a quick and clear overview

Every privacy officer's ideal starting point: the Dashboard in Privacy Nexus shows - in real time! - the status of all privacy activities in your organisation.

Visualise your data-flow

Many of you organisation’s data storage solutions that are probably connected to an even larger amount of processing activities.

Privacy Nexus can show exactly how your storage maps to your activities, giving you a clear overview of the data flows in your organisation.

Locate your personal data

With cloud storage, your organisation’s personal data can end up anywhere in the world.

The world map on your dashboard can show you, in a single glance, where your data is stored, along with relevant information about reach and relevance of the GDPR.

Manage your privacy risks

As a privacy officer you have a lot on your mind. Privacy Nexus helps you make data-driven decisions: keep track of the risk of all your processing activities and determine priorities based on real data.

Track your progress

Relax, sure in the knowledge that everyone is doing their part. Use the dashboard to easily keep track of how your organisation is moving forward with privacy compliance.

Get the latest status of your record of processing activities, DPIAs and more.

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