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About Privacy Nexus

What is Privacy Nexus?

Privacy Nexus is privacy management software that eases the work of the Data Protection Officers and Privacy Officers in implementing and managing GDPR compliance. It supports the cross-functional privacy team in their daily work and creates added value for your management, security officers and data owners. Privacy Nexus simplifies communication with internal stakeholders, customers, authorities, partners and suppliers.

Are you ISO 27001 certified?

Yes! As of January 2022 Privacy Company is officially ISO 27001 certified.

Why do I need Privacy Nexus?

With the GDPR come several obligations for every organisation that processes personal data. Privacy Nexus helps you to comply with these requirements with creating and maintaining a record of data processing activities, performing Data Protection Impact Assessments, keeping a record of incidents and data breaches and monitoring compliance of third parties. By using Privacy Nexus, you save time and effort that can be spend otherwise.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

First, Privacy Nexus is user-friendly software with clear surveys with close-ended questions and as little legal terminology as possible. This makes it easy to use for people without any legal knowledge. Second, Privacy Nexus can be tailored to your needs at an affordable price. You adapt the software to your way of working, not the other way around. Third, a team of privacy consultants is available to provide privacy and legal advice to supplement Privacy Nexus when needed. The combination of these three points offers you a practical route to compliance that differentiates us from our competitors.

Is Privacy Nexus multilingual?

Yes, Privacy Nexus is multilingual. Currently, Privacy Nexus is available in English and Dutch. Users can easily switch to their preferred language. This means, as an organisation, you can benefit from using all our available languages. This feature facilitates transnational privacy management. If you require another language, please let us know.

Have you defined different user rights in Privacy Nexus?

We’ve defined three different user roles, knowing: admin, user and contact person. People with admin rights have access to every aspect of the software; they can add and remove other users from the software and they can make an export of the information in Privacy Nexus. People with user rights can add systems, processings and third parties and new users, but these new users can only be added as contact person. People with contact person rights only have access to the surveys of the systems and/or processings assigned to them.

What personal data is saved in Privacy Nexus?

Our vision for Privacy Nexus is not to store all the personal data you use for your processing activities. That's why we only store meta-data in the different modules. However, the software requires a limited amount of personal data to complete the assessments. Examples are: your employees’ contact details and the business contacts included in your data-processing agreements.

Can I use Single Sign On for Privacy Nexus?

Yes, it is possible to use Single Sign On (SSO) to log into Privacy Nexus. If you get an enterprise subscription this feature is automatically part of your license. For the other tiers this is an extra option.

Does Privacy Nexus keep track of my progress?

Privacy Nexus keeps an audit trail of the answers you submit. As such, Privacy Nexus documents your privacy-compliance status over time.


Where is Privacy Nexus hosted?

Our data center is hosted in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

What developments are planned for Privacy Nexus in the future?

We’re constantly improving Privacy Nexus based on the needs of our clients and privacy developments.

How do you keep Privacy Nexus up to date?

We constantly improve Privacy Nexus based on the feedback of our clients as well as the experience of our privacy consultants. They continuously apply their user experiences and privacy updates in Privacy Nexus.

Licensing and sales

Can we try out Privacy Nexus before purchasing it?

Yes, it's possible to request a free trial account for Privacy Nexus. This way, you can see for yourself what we have to offer, and show it to the people that share in the decision making. Click here to request a trial account.

Can I purchase the different modules in Privacy Nexus separately?

No, it's not possible to purchase only specific modules in Privacy Nexus. With a license for Privacy Nexus, you always have access to the complete package of modules and functionalities. This also means that, whenever we add new features to Privacy Nexus, you automatically have access to these new features.

How many users can I add to Privacy Nexus?

The number of users that you can add to your Privacy Nexus environment depends on the type of subscription you have. In short, we have tiers with two, ten or unlimited users. Click here to get a more detailed overview of the different subscriptions.


What type of support do you offer while we are implementing Privacy Nexus?

Our customer support is happy to help you out anytime. Users can benefit from our Knowledge Base that comes with the software, which guides you through all the different modules. Additionally, we offer onboarding sessions, to help your employees make a smooth start with Privacy Nexus. In case you need more extensive privacy support, we're happy to help you out - for example with our Ticketstrip consultancy package.

Can I make an export of the information in Privacy Nexus?

Yes, it's possible to make an export of your record of data processing activities in Privacy Nexus. This is only possible for someone with admin rights. The export is an excel file and can be used to hand over to, for example, the Data Protection Authority or your board of directors.

Can I import my existing record of data processing activities?

Right now, it's not possible to import your existing record of data processing activities in Privacy Nexus. However, at an additional cost, we offer the service of importing your existing record. Contact us for more information.

Does Privacy Nexus come with a manual?

Through Privacy Nexus, users have access to our knowledge base. This is a manual to help you get started with the software. The knowledge base guides you through each module, step by step, to teach you how to correctly use the software. With the help of our privacy consultants, we’re constantly updating the Knowledge Base, and adding new information. This way, the Knowledge Base is always up to date with the latest developments in the privacy field.

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