Frequently Asked Questions

About Privacy Nexus

What is Privacy Nexus?
Why do I need Privacy Nexus?
What distinguishes you from your competitors?
Is Privacy Nexus multilingual?
Have you defined different user rights in Privacy Nexus?
What personal data is saved in Privacy Nexus?
Does Privacy Nexus keep track of my progress?


What developments are planned for Privacy Nexus in the future?
How do you keep Privacy Nexus up to date?
Where is Privacy Nexus hosted?

Licensing and sales

Can we try out Privacy Nexus before purchasing it?
Can I purchase the different modules in Privacy Nexus separately?
How many users can I add to Privacy Nexus?


What type of support do you offer while we are implementing Privacy Nexus?
Can I make an export of the information in Privacy Nexus?
Can I import my existing record of data processing activities?
Does Privacy Nexus come with a manual?