Excel Privacy Nexus for privacy compliance

Time to stop mis-using using Excel to set up and manage your ROPA (record of data processing activities).

Avoid expensive administration mistakes

Start using a simple and structured process to make your compliance less complex.

Our software offers a ROPA ready to be filled in, with the help of templates and suggestions, and guided DPIAs for all your high risk activities.

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Why Privacy Nexus is the best solution for you

Fill in the blanks

Privacy Nexus features an extensive library with templates to help you collect all the information you need to ensure and demonstrate compliance. Just fill in the blanks!

Make it easy for your colleagues to help

Share your responsibilities — and get your team actively involved in your GPDR compliance. Privacy Nexus helps colleagues without privacy or legal training by using close-ended questions and simple language. Everyone can contribute!

Show that you're in control

Nothing feels better than knowing that you're in control. Our dashboard gives you a clear view of the status of your privacy administration and makes it extra easy to demonstrate compliance to the authority or management.

Who we are

Privacy isn't just about meeting regulations. It's a right we share as clients, patients, students, tenants and any other person who connects with organisations online.

We didn't just start Privacy Nexus to make compliance pain-free. We also want people to become more aware of the need for privacy — and its ability to build trust between providers and those they help.

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